It’s All in the Family: Introducing the IPCAM-WIC2

Durga Srinivasan by Durga Srinivasan | 02.01.2018

If you have your indoor security camera perched loosely on a shelf, you’ve probably experienced a camera fail at one time or another.  An accidental bump from your cat, a slight shift while you’re dusting, and suddenly your camera is no longer pointed at the part of the room you want to monitor.  Of course, you won’t realize it until you try to look in on your home remotely and can’t see a thing.

This is just one of the many reasons that we’re excited to announce the latest addition to our Honeywell Total Connect Next Generation HD video camera family: the IPCAM-WIC2. With its flexible design, this camera offers even more than the IPCAM-WIC1. It packs all the same great features, but adds 1080p HD video, a wider angle view, advanced night vision, and both ceiling and wall mount options.  This makes it a great fit for any décor, and of course, also more resistant to the dreaded accidental camera bump.

Wall or ceiling mounting the C2 facing an exterior door or window allows for Video Alarm Verification, improving the ability to watch and protect a home. Users can also talk to people in the home via the camera’s two-way microphone, see the entire room clearly at night and zoom in while live streaming to get a clearer view of something in the room.

The entire family of cameras is offered with a 7 or 30-day storage plan. The camera adapts to available bandwidth, so cameras are viewable no matter how many devices are connected to the internet. In the event of a Wi-Fi outage or disconnect, the camera saves and encrypts footage locally. It will then upload that footage to the cloud automatically once the Wi-Fi is reconnected. A professional can have the camera up and running in no time with easy QR code install.

Dealers can get started with the IPCAM-WIC2 using our Total Connect Toolkit.  Consumers, you can contact a pro in your area for more information.

What Movies Can Teach Us about Using Smart Scenes in Honeywell Total Connect

Michelle Nettuno by Michelle Nettuno | 01.18.2018

“The Game Plan,” a movie starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson,” is one of my family’s favorite movies of all time.  In this humorous and heartwarming movie, Johnson begins as an arrogant NFL quarterback named Joe Kingman who finds out that he has an 8 year-old daughter.  In one comical scene with his daughter, Joe accidentally clicks a button on his remote, which makes the lights dim and mood music play in the background.

Besides laughing at this scene, back in 2007, we were actually amazed at this type of home automation, which wasn’t yet available to the masses.  Today, however, thanks to services like Honeywell Total Connect, the connected home is a reality, offering homeowners a wide-variety of options for added convenience, comfort and security.

What are Smart Scenes?

Smart scenes are automated sets of instructions for Z-Wave connected devices in your smart home.  You can set simple trigger scenes like “Wake Up” and “Bedtime” to turn lights on and off, but you can also set more complex scenes that group the actions of multiple smart devices to happen simultaneously or in a specific sequence.  For example, you can set lights to automatically turn on, off and dim at different times throughout the day—and vary the lights used each day.  Add to this shades that open and close during the day and you have a home that looks occupied—even when you are away.

Once Automation is activated on your Total Connect account, you will see a “Scenes” item in the Main Menu that you can simply click to get started.

Increase Connectivity for Endless Possibilities

The smart scenes you create in Honeywell Total Connect are limited only by the connected Z-Wave devices in your home and your imagination.   They may be scheduled scenes or can be automatically triggered by a security system action.  Devices that can be controlled by scenes include connected thermostats, lights, locks, garage doors, shades, blinds, water valves and more.  To get started, simply click “Scenes” in the Total Connect main menu.

Some Scene ideas include:

  • Evening: sets a comfortable temperature, dims the lights, closes blinds and makes sure doors are locked
  • Vacation: controls the temperature, lights, blinds and shades to make your home look occupied
  • Sunlight: lowers the lighting and raises the shades or blinds based on incoming natural light
  • Away: turns off lights, lowers the temperature and locks the doors when the security system is set to “Armed, Away”
  • Returning Home: turns on lights, raises the temperature and unlocks the front door when the security system is disarmed
  • Fire: turns on lights and unlocks the door for the fire department if a fire should occur
  • Security: turns on lights and raises the shades or blinds should a security event occur

If you are not using Total Connect to its fullest capacity, you are truly missing out.  So start setting smart scenes with connected devices and the security system in your home to increase comfort, convenience and peace of mind for you and your loved ones—and even to plan a date night as Joe Kingman accidentally did in “The Game Plan.”

A Look Ahead to 2018

Quentin Gunther by Quentin Gunther | 12.21.2017

As 2018 approaches, I wanted to reflect upon the outstanding accomplishments of our Honeywell Authorized Dealers.  In November, we celebrated their successes in San Diego for CONNECT 2017, where over 700 attendees delved into our theme of Disrupt. Differentiate. Deliver.  At the event, we focused on tools and techniques that will help dealers to thrive in this ever-changing industry.

Turning Disruption on its Head

Honeywell Connected Homes leader Scott Harkins reminded us that although it may be tempting to view disruption as a threat, we can also turn it into an opportunity.  Building on this theme, best-selling author and keynote speaker Josh Linkner challenged attendees to channel the key habits of innovators.  He also encouraged everyone to think of one innovative idea to help spark creativity.  As we move into 2018, we encourage you to think of ways to disrupt yourselves in pursuit of innovation.  We are committed to doing the same.

Delivering Great Service for a New Generation of Consumers

We were reminded by several of our presenters that regardless of how the market changes, exceptional customer service will always be relevant.  ADS Security president John Cerasuolo, discussed how Lyric and AlarmNet 360 more effectively control and manage the installation process, reduce service costs, and cut attrition.  Alexandra Curtiss, Alarm New England Vice President, expressed the importance of understanding what your competition is doing to learn how to differentiate yourself when meeting the needs of your prospects and customers.  We also addressed the topic of delivering the best results through customer surveys, net promoter score and by getting reviews or testimonials with help from Scott Hightower, president and CEO of Verified Security.  Finally, Jason Dorsey, co-founder of The Center for Generational Kinetics, gave us some great tips about how to more effectively serve Millennials by using specific phrases and techniques that resonate with the generation’s lifestyle. In the coming year, we are focused on what we need to do to better serve you, and we hope that you will bring this mindset to your interactions with your own customers.

Differentiating Ourselves from the Pack

We are very lucky to have such a strong community of dealers, and one of the great things about our community is that you are all committed to the communities that you serve.  In fact, one of the cornerstones of the HAD program is community service, and many of you participate in programs that help keep your communities safe and well. This year we worked with Splashes of Hope to create murals and Mend Gift Bags that were donated to Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego.

Life safety is also a key component of our HAD program. Every year we present a Life Safety Award to an individual that is committed to saving lives. This year, we honored an organization, Shelter to Soldier, a non-profit that that adopts dogs from local shelters and trains them to help our nation’s veterans.  We were honored to have Graham Bloem, the organization’s founder, at the event.

Of course, CONNECT also gives us the chance to celebrate our successes. At our awards banquet, we honored many of our dealers for their efforts in the residential, commercial and enterprise markets.

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We are looking forward to CONNECT 2018, when we will meet again at San Marco Island from November 15-18 at the spectacular JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort.

We thank you for all that you’ve done as part of the Honeywell community in 2017 and are looking forward to a very prosperous year ahead.  Happy holidays everyone!

Introducing AlarmNet 360 Checklist

Adam Triculis by Adam Triculis | 11.30.2017
How can you ensure that every installation follows company standards? AlarmNet 360 Checklist.


The AlarmNet 360 team has created a new feature called Checklist. AlarmNet 360 Checklist is a customizable set of rules that can be checked against an installation to quickly uncover any deviations, helping to eliminating guesswork and resulting headaches.

In the past, in order to have visibility into deviations from installation standards, you would have had to do a manual comparison of an individual account against Programming Templates. Checklist solves this problem. Now, you can set up a Checklist once and use it for future installs. This helps to ensure that the installation complies with the rules you set through AlarmNet 360 while the techs are still onsite. This can save you time spent on customer service, troubleshooting and revisiting install sites.

How does AlarmNet 360 Checklist work?

Checklist helps you easily and quickly evaluate installation quality to improve operations. Examples of items you could add to your Checklist include:

  • Installer code should not be 4321
  • Cellular communicator strength should be greater than “Good”
  • Sensors should not be programmed using Loop 4

AlarmNet 360 does most of the evaluation work for you—by measuring each rule against the installation. You will be provided with the total number of rules that failed along with a list of Rules, Descriptions, and Evaluation Results (Pass/Fail). It’s that simple!

Who can use AlarmNet 360 Checklist?

Our Checklist feature is available for accounts programmed with a Lyric Controller, Lyric Gateway and LYNX Touch 5200, 5210 and 7000 Series Home and Business Control Systems.

Why use AlarmNet 360 Checklist?

Checklist brings you peace of mind, giving you confidence that every install is being done correctly. This not only saves your company time and money, but also improves customer experience leading to higher retention and positive recommendations.

To Upgrade or Expand? Solving Your Video Security System Dilemma

Andrew Shen by Andrew Shen | 11.28.2017

Analogue or digital?  When it comes to video security systems, it’s not so black and white – in fact, there are many shades of gray.

Traditional analogue video security systems have been around for several decades.  However, with that history comes increasing technological complexity.  Several different analogue video standards have evolved (AHD, CVI, TVI), making the path towards evolving legacy systems a confusing one.

Video Security: Upgrade or Expand?

At first glance, there are two choices: upgrade or expand.

Improving legacy systems through expansion is usually less costly.  However, this can mean that the end-user misses out on the improvements in video quality, functionality and ease of use that have become standard in newer products.

On the other hand, upgrading to the latest IP video technology might be attractive at face value, but it can be very costly, as well as time and labor intensive.  Moving from analogue to IP requires careful planning to ensure reasonable cable lengths, adequate system power, etc.  Then, layer on top of that the uncertainty of whether or not you are investing in the most future-proof solution, as devices and formats go through their lifecycles.

Neither of the above choices is ideal for the SMB market, where the goal is usually an optimization of costs AND functionality. Recognizing this, Honeywell has been working on the development of devices that are multi-format, and therefore capable of supporting AHD, CVI, TVI and traditional analogue formats, as well as IP video.

Multi-Format Video Security

As the market evolves, new technologies are being developed ever more rapidly.  However, we all know that the real upgrade cycle is somewhat slower than the rate of development.

Multi-format video security devices offer an ideal upgrade path, allowing a video security system to evolve over time, instead of requiring a periodic full system rebuild in order to take advantage of the latest technology. This results in a very cost effective way to evolve video security systems, without having to compromise on quality or functionality. It also allows the buyer more choice at each stage of evolution about what and how much to upgrade.

Subscribe to learn more about Honeywell multi-format video security products — we’ll contact you when we have more information to share.

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