A Close Call with a Silent Killer

Ralph Maniscalco by Ralph Maniscalco | 11.21.2016

COWhile in the back yard of my home this summer, I heard the CO alarm go off on the first floor. As I was running upstairs to check on my wife and daughter, the central station called and notified me of the alarm. They told us to leave immediately and that they would summon the Fire Department to test for CO.

To me, it was surreal, because unlike when a smoke detector goes off when you are at home, there is usually an obvious cause (burnt toast, bathroom steam or an actual fire). With CO, there is nothing obvious! And because of this I didn’t really feel there was cause to quickly react…boy that was dumb!

When the fire department got there, they found CO that started on the first floor by the gas burner and had moved up to the bedrooms on the second floor.  They opened the garage doors and all of the windows. It took over a half hour to properly vent the home. We were all tested for CO intake and thankfully everyone was okay. We later found out it was related to the flue on our gas boiler… and I had it repaired the next day.

We all hear that the CO danger in homes increases during the heating season as these systems get fired up after sitting idle for the summer months. This freak occurrence happened during the summer on one of the hottest days of the year! The fire department chief said the Honeywell CO detector worked flawlessly and was the reason no one suffered any ill effects from the rising CO levels. Sometimes we all forget why we do what we do, and this incident let me realize that helping to save lives is the best reason to keep doing it.

Right on Track with Geofencing Arming Reminders for Honeywell Total Connect

Donna Namorato by Donna Namorato | 11.15.2016

With people leading such busy lives, it’s rewarding to be able to offer them ways to stay connected and secure. We just released a new update to our Honeywell Total Connect iOS app that includes geofencing arming reminders.


The latest Honeywell Total Connect iOS app includes geofencing arming reminders for your customers.

How Does It Work?
Have you ever left the house and forgot to arm your system? We’ve all done that from time to time. With this new update, iOS users can give permission so that if they travel beyond a predetermined geographic area (they set up), they will receive a push notification letting them know they forget to arm their system.

This feature provides added value since it helps remind them to keep their home protected when they are away. There’s no need to drive back home. The homeowner can simply arm the system from the Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 iOS app. It can’t get much easier than that.

This expansion of the Honeywell Total Connect platform lets your customers experience all of the amazing, lifestyle-enhancing benefits of the Honeywell connected home on a whole new level—all from the industry’s only true, end-to-end security and remote services provider. Don’t forget to download the latest Honeywell Total Connect iOS app release, 3.14, from the Apple iTunes App Store!

If you have any questions, contact us at totalconnectquestions@honeywell.com.

Guest Post: Heroic Actions Recognized at CONNECT 2016

Larry King by Larry King | 11.11.2016

This year I was honored to be a part of the Honeywell Life Safety presentation at CONNECT 2016. Today in Hollywood, FL, Lt. Rich Huebner from the Seminole Fire Department was presented with this esteemed award for his bravery in the rescue of two toddlers, their father and family pet.  I have been involved in these presentations for over 15 years and this story is truly special since it shows how through the dedication of our firefighters, a family was saved from a dangerous house fire.

Please watch the video below for an account of this amazing story.

Introducing Lyric Gateway, Delivering a “Mobile First” Connected Home

Inder Reddy by Inder Reddy | 11.10.2016

The mobile control of Lyric Gateway opens up new markets that include renters, condo owners, and those who frequently move.

When you look at the evolution of security, Honeywell has been part of many significant industry milestones. First came the versatile VISTA family and the hybrid security system, an industry workhorse, combining hardwire and wireless.  Then came LYNX, our wireless, self-contained systems, which opened up the residential market to millions of new customers. Now, I’d like to introduce you to the next big category in security: the Lyric Gateway.

Gateway to More Growth
The latest addition to the Lyric family, Gateway serves as the central hub for security, lights, locks, thermostats, cameras and more. It has a beautiful, contemporary design that’s geared for the person on the go.  It’s not fixed to the wall.  It’s placed anywhere, and consumers can control all it can do from their mobile devices. This mobile control opens up new markets for you that include renters, condo owners, and those who frequently move. And when used with SiX devices, Gateway can use its Lyric Lock feature to protect your accounts and the hardware you’ve enrolled.

Gateway to More Installations
With Gateway, a typical system can be installed in under eight minutes. That’s because you place the Gateway anywhere, plug it into a standard Ethernet connection, simply auto-enroll the encrypted SiX sensors and activate the system with AlarmNet 360. And of course faster installations mean more installations.

Gateway to More Profits
With Gateway, you can reduce truck rolls through AlarmNet 360’s remote diagnostics. If your customer has a battery in need of replacement, you can give your customer instructions to replace sensors, batteries, even a radio. If you prefer, you can plan multiple service calls geographically with a single technician.

Like hybrid and self-contained before it, Gateway represents the next logical step for our industry – a security and connected home experience designed for the mobile lifestyle. To learn more, visit lyricgateway.com.

AlarmNet 360 Reports Dashboard: A Wealth of Useful Customer Information at Your Fingertips

Michelle Nettuno by Michelle Nettuno | 11.04.2016

When we talk about AlarmNet 360, we typically focus on the many benefits it offers installers and installation managers.  What we don’t usually mention, or even think about, are the added benefits this next generation cloud management platform can provide to you and your business, such as the interactive Reports Dashboard.

The Reports Dashboard provides deeper insights into the communication technologies, products and services your accounts have subscribed to.  We refer to it as “interactive” because you can tailor reports by communication type, hardware product or service; filter by dealer or central station; download them and use all or part of the info to suit your business needs.

Separated into five sections by type, a simple click of a category is all it takes to create and download a report, which provides a wealth of useful customer information.  By looking at the purchasing behavior of “average” customers, you can create targeted offers to help bring in NEW customers.  For example, if customers in a particular area typically purchase Honeywell Total Connect Video Solutions, this subscription can be marketed to prospects in the same area.

Studies show that the more interaction customers have with their systems, the more likely they are to remain with their provider.  Looking at individual customer purchase histories for EXISTING customers through the Reports Dashboard can help you create targeted offers for current accounts, like adding Z-Wave locks or switches to an account that already uses Z-Wave lights.  Customers may then rely on their systems more and more―which is ideal for them, their dealer and the central station.

Whenever I walk customers through the Reports Dashboard, they tell me how excited they are about what this tool can bring to their business. So the next time you use AlarmNet 360, take a few minutes to check out the Reports Dashboard. From the main menu, click on “Reports” then “My Dashboard,” and select the customers and cities you want a report on. You can also watch the video above for even more information. With AlarmNet 360, the possibilities to help drive business retention and growth are limited only by your imagination.

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