Take a Fresh Look at HD Video as a Stand-Alone Awareness Solution

Donna Namorato by Donna Namorato | 10.20.2017

You are experts at selling security systems–that’s what you do! But take a look at the newly released iPCAM-WIC1, Next Generation HD Honeywell Total Connect Video Camera, which is perfect to sell as a stand-alone service.

Selling Video as a Stand-Alone Awareness Offering

Total Connect Video can be used in combination with our security platform or it can be sold as a stand-alone awareness camera that works with Total Connect. The beauty of selling Total Connect Video as a stand-alone service is that it allows you to reach a market beyond your traditional security-focused customers. The Next Generation HD Honeywell Total Connect Video Camera line lets your customers control and view up to eight HD video cameras per location. It also features:

  • Motion and intelligent sound based alerts
  • 30-second video clips
  • Two-way audio communication on demand
  • See, hear, speak and take a snapshot or video of what is occurring
  • And more

More RMR with Stand-Alone Video Solutions

Since the iPCAM-WIC1 is so easy to install, a consumer may complete enrollment themselves through the Honeywell Total Connect app.  All you have to do is enable video services in AlarmNet 360 and ship the camera to your customer. It’s that easy. Your customer downloads the Honeywell Total Connect app, selects add camera, and then follows the directions within the app to complete the QR code-based enrollment. You just eliminated a truck roll, sold a piece of hardware and gained an RMR sale.

Targeting New Use Cases

Think about the many consumer use cases that may appeal to video-only solutions. You may be able to increase your hardware and subscription sales by focusing on stand-alone video solutions. The iPCAM-WIC1 is appealing for:

  • Adult children with elderly parents. I have elderly parents, and being able to communicate with them directly through the app and to see and hear what they are doing throughout the day, gives me peace of mind. Get started marketing and selling to this channel with our updated elderly sell sheet.
  • Pet owners. Pet owners love to check in on their furry friends, and with the iPCAM-WIC1, they can talk to their pets through the app! Get started with our updated pet sell sheet.
  • Working parents. Working parents who have children coming home from school before they get home from work may check in on their children remotely. The Total Connect team has created a new back to school bill stuffer tied to the iPCAM-WIC1. Check it out here.

Include these materials in your invoices to begin targeting these audiences with video services.  Please also visit the Honeywell Total Connect Dealer Toolkit regularly for materials, news, information and updates.  If you have any questions, please email totalconnectquestions@honeywell.com.

How the Cloud is Transforming Commercial and Residential Security

Jacqi Levy by Jacqi Levy | 10.18.2017

Perhaps you’ve heard of this nebulous software “thing” called the cloud.  You use it to backup and store your photos, access new music, or stream your favorite movies.

But what is it really?  And what is it doing for the security industry?  Well, that’s a little bit different depending on who you are.

What is the Cloud?

Essentially, cloud computing is the delivery of hosted services, such as software applications, over the internet.  In the early days of computing, services were hosted locally on individual devices, such as computer hard drives or security panels.  They could only be accessed from that single piece of hardware.

So how is cloud computing revolutionary?  The rise of internet hosted applications means that those applications, and the data trail they create, can now be accessed from anywhere.  This anywhere, anytime connectivity is changing the security paradigm.

How the Cloud Helps Security Dealers

For security dealers, the power of the cloud is all about account insights.  Data from internet-connected security systems can now be accessed remotely, allowing for quick identification of customer issues on individual accounts.  Some issues can even be handled remotely, which can help security dealers avoid service calls.

Additionally, cloud is enabling business growth and customer loyalty by allowing dealers to identify customers that aren’t subscribed to but might benefit from certain services, or who don’t have certain peripherals installed but are capable of adding them.

How the Cloud Enhances Commercial Security

Cloud security applications are transformative for businesses, enabling smart buildings with remote access control and sophisticated 24/7 monitoring.  The granting and revoking of access can now be done instantly from anywhere; each individual does not need to be escorted personally.

Cloud also allows for complex video analytics, which can detect, track and classify the behaviors of people and vehicles on the premises. Push notifications can alert you to suspicious behaviors so that security management can intervene before situations become dangerous.

Additionally, cloud-based systems can provide greater insight into day-to-day activity, such as when and where employees or vendors have accessed certain spaces, or even if a door was left open.

How the Cloud Enhances Home Security

Cloud forms the backbone of the smart home trend, paving the way for security systems to integrate with home automation solutions.  No longer are consumers tied to a keypad; they can now manage their home security systems remotely.  From arming and disarming the system to answering the doorbell and more, most home security functions can now be managed from a mobile device.

Additional peripherals such as indoor and outdoor cameras, smart locks and video doorbells provide advanced security features.  They can now be managed alongside thermostats, lighting and other devices.

Honeywell Security Solutions

For the security industry, this little thing called cloud turns out to be a pretty big deal.  You can learn more about our cloud-based security solutions by visiting our website.

And if you’re at the Security Canada Central Expo on October 18-19, 2017, stop by our booth #305 to see some of these solutions in action!

Five reasons why it’s time to swap your battery operated smoke detector for a monitored smoke and carbon monoxide alarm

Jacqi Levy by Jacqi Levy | 10.09.2017

Smoke detectors have come a long way.  Battery operated smoke detectors are most common in residential settings, but today’s monitored smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are smart and provide a level of protection that a traditional battery operated smoke detector can’t.

Here are five reasons why you should consider a monitored system:

1 – Someone will hear the alarm, even if you’re out

A traditional battery operated smoke detector is designed to provide an auditory alert at the first sign of a fire.  But what happens if you’re not home?  Who will hear the alarm?

With a monitored system, a monitoring company is notified immediately.  The monitoring company will then contact you and also signal emergency response, so the fire department can respond immediately.  This early warning can be life-saving for pets or others at home who cannot safely self-evacuate, and can also prevent serious property damage.

2 – Your smoke detectors will be able to talk to each other

Monitored smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are designed so that if one device is triggered, all devices will sound.  So, if you have a large or multi-level home, or if you’re a person who tends to sleep soundly, the device nearest to you will sound – even if it’s not the device closest to the location of the fire.

As an additional benefit, some devices are designed to provide alternatives to the traditional “chirp” alert, such as visual alerts, which are great for the hearing impaired, or human voice alerts, which work well for the visually impaired and can help you quickly identify which type of alarm is sounding.

3 – It provides added carbon monoxide detection

When the fire alarm sounds, you can see and smell the smoke that triggered it.    However, since carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, when the alarm sounds you might be tempted to assume that it is a false alarm – even when it’s not.

This false sense of security can be dangerous, when carbon monoxide can cause unconsciousness in a matter of minutes.  A monitored alarm system will also trigger fire and emergency response for carbon monoxide, which can be lifesaving.

4 – It can reduce false alarms

Have you ever had a smoke detector that would sound every time you cooked…even if you just barely burned something?

Many people will deal with recurring false alarms by disconnecting the smoke detector’s batteries, which poses a serious safety risk.  With a monitored alarm system, a professional will install your smoke detectors.  The professional will know exactly where to place them in order to maximize coverage — while also minimizing false alarms – so you can keep cooking and stay safe.

5 – It can alert you to possible failure before it happens

The National Fire Protection Agency reports that 1 in 5 fire deaths are caused by smoke alarms that fail to operate. These failures are most often caused by dead or disconnected batteries.

A monitored system can reduce the chances of failure by sending a signal to the monitoring company when batteries need to be replaced, or when the carbon monoxide sensor is near end of life.  The monitoring company will then contact you, so you can take action.

Stay protected, and have a plan

When it comes to fire detection, state of the art technology can enhance your safety and the safety of your loved ones. But remember, technology is only part of the equation.

In honor of Fire Prevention Week, October 8-14, talk to your family and make sure you have an evacuation plan.  Hold fire drills twice a year and teach children how to escape in case you are not able to help them.  After all, in a fire, every second counts.

Take a Tour of AlarmNet 360 Insights

Michelle Nettuno by Michelle Nettuno | 10.06.2017

Wouldn’t it be great to have a personal assistant that can bring you details on how well things are doing in the field, show you any current communication failures and where they’re located, offer you updated stats on customer behavior and bring you a cup of coffee along with the breakfast of your choice in the morning?

Well, we may not be able to get you coffee or breakfast, but with the Honeywell AlarmNet 360 Insights interactive dashboard, you can easily take the pulse of your business in near real-time every day. The intelligence it provides can be used to analyze customer behavior to help drive new business, upsell opportunities and RMR for your company.

Many security dealers and AlarmNet central stations generate reports from AlarmNet 360 to drive customer growth. They look at attach rates, using filters to run reports on accounts that aren’t subscribed to a service or don’t have an automation device but are capable of adding them. They either call those accounts directly, tie an upsell offer to an existing service call, run a marketing campaign—or do all three—depending on the company. These strategies help drive sales and boost RMR.

Dealers and centrals tell me that they use AlarmNet 360 Insights in a variety of ways throughout the day to help better service their customers. Some use the Map View first thing in the morning to spot any critical issues that need immediate attention.

Using AlarmNet 360 in this way makes it easier to schedule service calls, because they can deploy a truck that may already be in the area or handle the critical issue remotely; saving time and money.

If you are not currently using AlarmNet 360 Insights, you can select “Insights” from the main menu on AlarmNet 360 and click “TAKE TOUR” to get started. The Tour guides you through the dashboard, providing short descriptions about each area to make it simple for you to start using this helpful tool and get the customer information you need—when you need it.

We have created a Quick Reference Guide flyer which provides short descriptions of each dashboard feature. We’ve also created a short video that you can watch below, which takes you on a virtual tour step-by-step.  This tour can help familiarize you with AlarmNet 360 Insights and the numerous benefits it can bring to your business—other than that cup of coffee and breakfast.

Take a tour of AlarmNet 360 Insights today and see how this important interactive dashboard can help you get started mapping your company’s road to growth.

L-Series Speaker and Speaker Strobes Safety Bulletin

Samir Jain by Samir Jain | 09.29.2017

As a result of customer feedback, System Sensor has identified a potential issue with our Audible Visible (AV) notification appliances, wall and ceiling mounted Speakers and Speaker Strobes. Subsequent investigation identified operational and aesthetic issues with the product, with operational issues centered around the quality of electrical connection.

As the General Manager for Honeywell Fire Americas, I would like to share, on behalf of Honeywell, the following information about required actions for impacted customers.

Out of an abundance of caution given some of the concerns that have been voiced, all L-Series Speaker and Speaker Strobes products manufactured within the impacted date code range* need to be replaced and returned.  A full list of impacted model numbers and affected date codes is provided below.

Products affected by this bulletin need to be returned to the point of purchase for replacement or credit. Please contact your point of purchase to coordinate the product return.

We can assure you that System Sensor has taken the appropriate steps to prevent recurrence. The enhanced design has a stronger and more rigid mounting plate with strengthened ribs which is less prone to flexing for easier installation. In addition, we’ve also added guidance for ease of installation in the Important Assembly Information document I56-6556-002 which is shipped with the product and available at SystemSensor.com.

System Sensor will reimburse reasonable labor expenses with the return of the attached Certificate of Compliance and by following the instructions on the form. The Certificate of Compliance can be submitted by email to Customer.Service@SystemSensor.com along with any additional documents specified on the form’s instructions to start the reimbursement process.

We would like to thank our customers for raising the concerns with installation of these products.  We will continue to provide continuous improvements to our products based on customer feedback.

We also thank you for your patience in this matter, and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have encountered.


*Affected Manufactured Date Range
January 16, 2017 (7013) to August 8, 2017 (7082)
7013 defined as 7 = 2017, 01 = January, 3 = 3rd week of the month
7082 defined as 7 = 2017, 08 = August, 2 = 2nd week of the month

Affected Model Numbers
SPRL                                       SPRLA
SPWL                                      SPWLA
SPCRL                                     SPCRLA
SPCWL                                    SPCWLA
SPSRL                                     SPSRLA
SPSWL                                    SPSWLA
SPSWL-ALERT                       SPSRLA-P
SPSRL-P                                 SPSWLA-P
SPSWL-P                                SPSWL-ALERT
SPSRL-SP                               SPSWL-CLR-ALERT
SPSCRL                                   SPSCRLA-T
SPSCWL                                  SPSCWLA
SPSCWL-P                              SPSCWLA-T
SPSCWL-SP                            SPSCWLA-P

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