Honeywell Total Connect On the Go Smart Control: New Apps, Beta and More

Mathew Stastny by Mathew Stastny | 06.29.2017

The Honeywell Total Connect team continues to work on the redesign of our iOS App, as well as continuing development for our Android beta app and HTML5 beta website. With the open beta program, we have released features over time and listened to the feedback from our early adopters to provide even more benefits. We’re excited to offer our customers a new web and mobile app experience as this development provides a common user interface across iOS, Android and HTML5, helping customers to transition seamlessly from one platform to another.

New iOS App – Available Soon

The sleeker and more modern interface that we will introduce with the upcoming version of our iOS app is designed to bring a more contemporary app to the hands of our users. We’ve integrated various user experience improvements that include:

  • An automated prompt for users to rate the app and provide feedback
  • Faster connection and immediate delivery of updated information
  • Feature parity and experience consistency between an iPhone and an iPad

Look for app updates in the Apple App Store and update the app when it’s available to enjoy this new design.

Android Beta App

Since our release in January, we have provided new features each month. Phases released so far and ones forthcoming include:

  • Security, events, settings
  • Push notifications
  • Geofencing arming reminders
  • SkyBell compatibility
  • Control of Z-Wave devices
  • Ability to schedule Z-Wave thermostats

Users may also leverage Android features like Fingerprint Login and Voice Commands.

Once the beta development is fully completed with all the same features on Android as currently available on iOS and more, the existing Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 Android app will be officially discontinued, and the new Android beta app will replace it on the Google Play store. We expect the beta program to run through Q3 2017. If you are not involved in our beta program or want more information, visit the Android beta tab in the Honeywell Total Connect Dealer Toolkit.

HTML5 Beta Site

The new HTML5 beta site features the same look and feel that we are rolling out across the Honeywell Total Connect platform.  This allows for a mobile-friendly web browsing experience, providing users of other mobile operating systems access to the same great features from our iOS and Android apps.  Forgot your smartphone? No problem.  You can also log in from any standard web browser on a desktop device.

Since our release in January, we have provided new features each month. Phases released so far and ones forthcoming include:

  • Security, events and account settings
  • User management
  • Control of Z-Wave devices
  • Notifications and event management
  • Play legacy video camera events
  • Play Skybell video events
  • GPS tracking services
  • Create, edit and run scenes

The HTML5 beta website automatically updates as new rounds of development are completed. Upon the user’s first login of any release update, a “What’s New” page will be displayed outlining the new features being delivered. If you are not involved in our beta program or want more information, visit the HTML5 beta tab in the Honeywell Total Connect Dealer Toolkit.

These new updates continue Honeywell’s commitment to offering market leading mobile security solutions across all major platforms. Whether you use Honeywell Total Connect on iOS, Android or HTML5, please let us know what you think of the enhancements through the feedback form in the new apps and new HTML5 website.

Stay in the Driver’s Seat with Our New Fleet Management Features

Michelle Nettuno by Michelle Nettuno | 06.21.2017

The ability to track assets and make immediate decisions based on sound data is critical to the success of any company that relies on fleet vehicles as part of their daily operations.  If you or your customers require real-time data and would like to stay more connected to your drivers and assets, look no further than Honeywell Total Connect Tracking Services* and our new fleet management features.

Honeywell has added fleet management capabilities at no additional cost to you, as a special incentive for you and your customers who depend on fleet vehicles of up to 20 accounts.  As long as you have access to the Honeywell Total Connect Web or an iOS platform, you can take advantage of this important service.

Benefits of Data Analytics
The data analytics that is provided by Honeywell’s fleet management features has numerous benefits for small business owners.  Fleet managers can manage drivers effectively, by easily accessing data obtained from the system, analyzing it and taking corrective actions as needed.  Also, with the help of the GPS tracking data, users can plan routes more efficiently, and select distance to location to determine the closest vehicles in the field and display turn by turn directions.  This can increase productivity, reduce operating costs and eliminate unnecessary fuel expenses.

Make More Informed Decisions
With our GPS fleet tracking system and the numerous reports it offers, you and your customers can make more informed decisions and schedule trips more efficiently, which can result in a reduction of vehicle downtime.  You can also monitor vehicles for driver behavior, fuel usage, battery status, stops, speeding, engine idling, and more.  You can help your fleet to provide first-class customer service through the ability to better respond to service calls quickly and efficiently.

Business Growth
The added features can help you win business in the small commercial space.  GPS fleet management does more than simple vehicle tracking.  With the advanced reporting technology, driver coaching and alerts that come with it, your company may realize a quick ROI and overall business optimization.  What’s more, through upselling hardware and subscription services, you can increase your RMR.

For more information on how to get started with this important new service, contact your local Honeywell District Manager or visit the Honeywell Total Connect Dealer Toolkit.

*Available in the United States only.

Don’t Make Customers Choose Between Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Mark Okeefe by Mark Okeefe | 06.15.2017

People want to feel safe in their own homes.  And when considering life safety, people seem to intuitively understand the value of smoke detection.  After all, it’s logical that in the event of a fire, you’d want to get out of your home as quickly as possible.

But the value of monitored carbon monoxide detection seems to be less obvious, possibly because this colorless, odorless threat is more difficult to understand.  All too often, I hear stories of carbon monoxide protection being left out of the life safety equation. In some cases due to cost, homeowners find themselves choosing monitored smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors, but not both.

Why would you choose to protect yourself from only one threat?  You shouldn’t have to when the lives of your loved ones are at stake.  And now with the Honeywell 5800COMBO life safety detector, you won’t have to. We’ve combined smoke detection and carbon monoxide detection into one easy-to-install device. This saves time and money for security professionals, but more importantly, keeps your customers from having to compromise on only one type of life safety protection.

The uniqueness of the 5800COMBO has not gone unnoticed by the industry.  In April, it won a SIA New Product Showcase Award at ISC West.  Now, I’m pleased to announce that it has also won an ESX Innovation Award.

“The ESX Innovation Awards recognize innovative technology and excellence in the industry — and identify next-gen products and services that offer significant opportunity for growth and relevance in servicing the marketplace,” says George De Marco, ESX Chairman.

At Honeywell, we’re proud of this accomplishment, but let’s not forget that as security professional, when you lead with life safety, you’re providing your customers with the ultimate protection and peace of mind.  We hope that you are excited about the 5800COMBO too!  You can learn more about it by visiting the Honeywell 5800COMBO dealer website.  If you’re at the Electronic Security Expo (ESX) June 13-16 in Nashville, you can also find the 5800COMBO alongside other great Honeywell products at booth 311.

Apartment Dwellers Deserve Alarm Systems, Too!

Jacqi Levy by Jacqi Levy | 06.12.2017

When I started graduate school, I moved across the country to a city that I didn’t know. I had been on my own for a number of years before heading back to school, so I had an adult’s taste in apartments. However, going back to school full time left me with only a student’s budget to spend.

So how did I solve this problem? By finding a super cool, two-story loft apartment on the border of a fashionable neighborhood and a reputedly high crime neighborhood. Walk 6 blocks in one direction, and you’ve got trendy bars, restaurants and shops. Walk 3 blocks in the other direction though, and you’ve got boarded up houses and vacant lots. I ended up with a great apartment and super cheap rent. However, the location also left me with some lingering security concerns.

After all, I was moving to a city I didn’t know, at the edge of a neighborhood that was known not to be one of the safest in the city. My building had keypad and intercom security at the main entrance, but hey…tailgaters exist. I would have felt even safer if I had an alarm system in my unit. Too bad most landlords would never tolerate drilling holes in the walls to wire a system. And, I wouldn’t have wanted to pay for all that work out of pocket, only to leave it for the next tenant when I moved out. So I lived without an alarm system for those years.

Luckily, today’s renters have more choices than I had. Honeywell’s Lyric platform is great for renters, because it requires absolutely no wiring or drilling. The Lyric Gateway is Wi-Fi enabled, so renters can tuck the panel away in a bedroom, hall closet, or just about anywhere that has connectivity, and then arm and disarm the system from the Honeywell Total Connect mobile app. And, if a renter is moving, they can simply take the Gateway with them to their next apartment.

What’s great for dealers about the Lyric platform is that since there is no need for wired connectivity, the installation is plug and play. The system takes minutes to install, instead of the typical hours. Technicians can be in and out of a job very quickly, which means you can install more systems, faster. Plus, your customers don’t have to sit around for waiting for you to finish the job, so they can get back to their business faster too. And when they move, if they can take the hardware with them, you’ve got a greater chance of retaining the account, plus an opportunity to sell a system to the new tenant. Sounds like a win-win for everyone.

Apartment dwellers are actually great candidates for home security; it’s all about providing them with the right solution!

NFPA Awards DiNenno Prize to the Creators of VESDA

Samir Jain by Samir Jain | 06.08.2017

During this week’s National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Conference & Expo in Boston, the NFPA awarded this year’s Philip J. DiNenno prize to the original inventors of Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA), Dr. Martin Cole, John Petersen and David Packham. NFPA also commended deceased co-inventor and passionate advocate Len Gibson. VESDA technology samples the air at multiple points throughout buildings for smoke particles, providing the earliest possible warning of fire hazards.

It’s moments like these when I realize how blessed I am to work in an industry that shares the common goal of saving lives and protecting against the loss of property for customers worldwide. When I first joined Honeywell a number of years ago, I quickly realized that every employee understood our shared mission: simply put, “We save lives.” Everyone I work with today takes that responsibility very seriously, all of our product development and manufacturing efforts are driven by our goal to extend and improve on that mission – to protect people and property through early and reliable detection.

NFPA’s Michael Hazell put it well in his blog post announcing the award: “The VESDA innovation transformed the fire detection and alarm industry and inspired a whole new aspirated smoke detection area of technology. The installation of VESDA in telecommunication facilities, telephone exchanges, data centers, high technology manufacturing, industrial control rooms and other related facilities has had a significant impact on asset protection and business continuity. In addition, the very early smoke detection by VESDA provides life safety protection for employees working in these buildings.” Continued technological advances in VESDA is enabling Honeywell, which acquired Xtralis in 2016, to bring these technologies to an increasing array of customers.

Here are a few of the advances in VESDA in recent times:

  • This week’s introduction of the next generation VESDA-E VEP range re-defined the ASD technology and set a new standard in the industry for very early, reliable and cost-effective smoke detection. VEP takes over the reins from VESDA VLP and continues the VESDA journey into every day applications.
  • The VESDA-E VEU created an unprecedented product positioning in the industry, providing up to 15 times higher sensitivity than the industry benchmark VESDA VLP, and increasing the coverage by up to 40% in high airflow environments.
  • And VESDA-E VEA has taken the ASD concept to a whole new level by being able to pinpoint the exact location of a fire incident for up to 120 locations. VEA paves the way for a wider ASD deployment into mainstream applications such offices, education, hospitals, correctional facilities and sporting arenas that would otherwise be protected by conventional spot detection technologies.

I’d like to thank Martin, John, David and Len for their early efforts on inventing VESDA. It’s now our job to continue the development of this and other technologies to better our industry.

This post was originally published by Samir Jain on LinkedIn.

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