Get a Head Start on AlarmNet 360 with 5 Quick Start Training Videos

Michelle Nettuno by Michelle Nettuno | 08.16.2016

Whether you are using AlarmNet 360 for the first time, are already familiar with the basic features or would like to dive into the business intelligence offered by this flexible cloud platform, our Quick Start Training Videos help guide you each step of the way. We’ve developed five videos on key features and they are all available on AlarmNet, The Security Channel and YouTube.

Programming LYNX Touch Accounts with Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services
This video takes the viewer step-by-step through the account profile creation process, configuring the LYNX Touch communicator, completing the account creation process and selecting additional services.

If YouTube is blocked, you can view the video here.

Navigating the Reports Dashboard
Learn how to access the Reports Dashboard for your company and view all of the available statistics, data and reports. A sample dashboard lets you see for yourself how easy it is to view the dashboard, generate custom reports and get customer information you can leverage to drive business growth.

Programming LYNX Touch 5200, 5210 and 7000 Control Panels
This video helps you customize the control panel’s operational settings, change the communicator’s settings, select reporting channels, add a new user, enroll wireless devices and download the programming parameters to the control panel.

Adding Honeywell Total Connect Video Services and Honeywell Total Connect Tracking Services
In this video, we’ll demonstrate the process for adding Honeywell Total Connect Video Services and/or Honeywell Total Connect (GPS) Tracking Services* to your customer’s Honeywell Total Connect account.

Programming an AlarmNet Communicator for a VISTA Panel with Honeywell Total Connect
Here you’ll learn the process for programming a VISTA communicator which is part of the “Other Devices” category. We’ll show you how to set up a Honeywell Total Connect Account for your customer, add Automation Services, indicate whether or not your customer can manage user codes remotely, select default notifications, add Honeywell Total Connect Video Services/Total Connect Tracking Services, and more.

These five videos should help support your transition to AlarmNet 360. Share them within your organization to further support your training efforts.

*Honeywell Total Connect Tracking Services are available in the U.S. only.

More Video Storage with Honeywell Total Connect

Durga Srinivasan by Durga Srinivasan | 07.28.2016
video storage

Residential users can now get five times more video in their Honeywell Total Connect Video Accounts.

With cloud solutions becoming popular in today’s world and an ever increasing shift seen in storage needs among end users, cloud based storage can mean RMR for dealers and integrators. Yes, we understand your needs! Honeywell now brings to you video storage enhancement across the versatile Honeywell Total Connect Video IP Camera product portfolio.

Based on our dealer’s feedback, video storage on Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 accounts is now increased from 100 MB to 500 MB. That means, your residential users can now get five times more video, that is, nearly 500 clips of 5-10 seconds in their Honeywell Total Connect Video Accounts.

The storage enhancements help your customers stay more connected with event-driven video alerts and notifications while allowing you to offer a more competitive and compelling solution to increase your RMR. This is just the beginning of the series of video enhancements planned for our Honeywell Total Connect Video solutions. With much more to come in the near future, we look forward to creating even more value for your business.

Want to learn more? Connect with us today at


Honeywell Total Connect Is Now Fully Compatible with SkyBell Video Doorbell

Ilan Dee by Ilan Dee | 07.20.2016
Honeywell Total Connect SkyBell

SkyBell users can now operate all the powerful features through the Honeywell Total Connect iOS App.

Today’s consumers want comfort, convenience and awareness 24/7. If you’re offering connected home solutions, a remote services platform that works with the latest connected home devices is a must. Back in March, we announced that Honeywell Total Connect is compatible with the popular SkyBell HD Video Doorbell that lets users see, hear and speak to visitors at the door.

Complete, Single-Screen Control
Now, Honeywell Total Connect users can enjoy convenient, single-app functionality right with the Honeywell Total Connect iOS app for full SkyBell compatibility. Today, users will be able to speak to visitors at the door directly through the Honeywell Total Connect app without the need to download the SkyBell HD app. Plus, they can arm/disarm, lock/unlock all from one screen. And they can also access all SkyBell activity in the events log.

Easy Mobility
When the SkyBell HD Video Doorbell is pressed, users will receive a push notification directly through Honeywell Total Connect and perform all of the SkyBell HD functionality through the Honeywell Total Connect iOS app, including full-screen video viewing. Our full integration offers a number of features all from one screen:

  • Speak and hear
  • Arm, disarm, arm stay options
  • Lock or unlock door features
  • View visitors with full-screen video viewing

Deliver a better user experience while providing customers with a great way to stay connected. To learn more about our expanding ecosystem, visit the Honeywell Total Connect Dealer Toolkit and look for the “Ecosystem” tab. To experience it for yourself, visit the iOS App Store and download the iOS app.

Recent WIN-PAK Updates Enhance Reporting

Pat French by Pat French | 07.13.2016
WIN-PAK Updates

Take a look at the WIN-PAK updates that can save you time and money.

WIN-PAK XE/SE/PE 4.0 users can now upgrade to WIN-PAK XE/SE/PE 4.4 via their active Service Maintenance Upgrade (SMU). One of the new features you will find is the ability to generate a Tracking and Muster report from any system event.  In previous releases, the report needed to be manually initiated and repeated manually to receive updates during an emergency.  Now a Tracking and Muster report template can be defined and attached to a specific event, hot button or even a schedule.  We have also added a timing function so the same report can be repeated every 1-65,535 seconds or set as a delay between multiple Tracking and Muster reports.  The reports can also be emailed in addition to printing them.

A Global Release
So you might ask, what happened to 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3?  WIN-PAK is sold worldwide with regions adding feature and function for their needs.  So 4.1 was a European release while 4.2 and 4.3 were released for Asian markets.  These have all been rolled into a common Global 4.4 release.  While much of the regional features are available only in that region, common global features are exposed in this 4.4 release.

Take a few minutes to review the highlight section of the release notes to discover other enhancements of this release.

App-solute Convenience with the Apple TV App for Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services

Donna Namorato by Donna Namorato | 06.29.2016


Honeywell Total Connect Apple TV

The Honeywell Total Connect app for Apple TV is a great way for your customers to engage in real-time video viewing.

The Honeywell Total Connect app for Apple TV is now available for free download in the Apple TV App Store. It’s a great way for your customers to engage in real-time video viewing — on any television connected to an Apple TV— while increasing the value of the platform you are selling.

With the Apple TV app, users can view and control their Honeywell Total Connect Video cameras from the convenience of their couches, without having to pull their phones out and log into the Honeywell Total Connect app.

Users will be able to:

  • Look in on their homes and businesses with live, streaming video feeds from Honeywell Total Connect cameras
  • View multiple locations—a great way to check in on vacation homes, businesses and elderly relatives
  • Review video events
  • Remotely move pan/tilt cameras to see different views of an area
  • Record video clips of live events
  • See live security system status 24/7 on their Apple TVs

Stay Connected
With the Honeywell Total Connect Apple TV app, your customers can see exactly what’s happening on their full-screen TVs. This compatibility provides customers with the connectivity they demand and a convenient new way to control their Honeywell Total Connect Video accounts and view security system status.

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