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5 Simple Steps to Manage Dealer Ownership of Accounts with AlarmNet 360

Michelle Nettuno by Michelle Nettuno | 03.23.2017

Looking for a way to easily manage your accounts? AlarmNet customers can now manage dealer ownership of their accounts quickly and easily through AlarmNet 360.  If you are an AlarmNet dealer, this means you can take and relinquish account ownership or transfer it to your Central Station as needed. Having the ability to manage your accounts greatly […]

Guest Post: Real Customer Stories Create a Vision

Courtney Brown by Courtney Brown | 08.12.2014

Courtney Brown is Public Relations and Marketing Manager for NorthStar Alarm. Over the years, we have discovered the importance of regular communication with our employees about what we do as a company and why it matters. We have focused our efforts on regular trainings on service, core values, and our mission to help accomplish this. […]