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How Commercial Security Is Evolving in the Face of Smart Buildings

Jacqi Levy by Jacqi Levy | 11.09.2017

Today’s buildings are more than just structures.  They contain complex systems and technology.  The rise of smart devices is changing the way we inhabit buildings, and consequently, how we think about securing them. Always On Awareness As building systems become internet-connected, we have developed an even greater level of awareness of what is going on […]

How the Cloud is Transforming Commercial and Residential Security

Jacqi Levy by Jacqi Levy | 10.18.2017

Perhaps you’ve heard of this nebulous software “thing” called the cloud.  You use it to backup and store your photos, access new music, or stream your favorite movies. But what is it really?  And what is it doing for the security industry?  Well, that’s a little bit different depending on who you are. What is […]

Guest Post: Operation Security Blanket

David Morris by David Morris | 03.04.2013

David Morris is President of Modern Systems, Inc. Modern Systems, an authorized First Alert Professional dealer, has offices in Somerset, Lexington & Bowling Green, KY. When I heard the news about the tragic shooting in Newtown, CT, my heart went out to the children and families connected to this senseless act.  I attended a memorial […]

Please Steal This Info

John Smith by John Smith | 02.27.2013

Do you remember watching a DVD (or dare I say for the older crowd a VHS tape) and it always started with the FBI Anti-Piracy Warning that you couldn’t fast forward through? I’m pretty certain that anyone who ever made a copy wasn’t worried that the FBI was going to knock on their door and […]