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How Commercial Security Is Evolving in the Face of Smart Buildings

Jacqi Levy by Jacqi Levy | 11.09.2017

Today’s buildings are more than just structures.  They contain complex systems and technology.  The rise of smart devices is changing the way we inhabit buildings, and consequently, how we think about securing them. Always On Awareness As building systems become internet-connected, we have developed an even greater level of awareness of what is going on […]

An Intelligent Look at Smart Buildings

John Smith by John Smith | 03.15.2016

Recently, we released findings from a first-of-its kind survey designed to gauge just how “smart” America’s buildings are. The good news for security integrators – organizations realize that safety (and therefore, security) is a critical component to making a building smart. The not-so-good news – many of these organizations don’t quite realize just how far their […]

Guest Post: Unique Applications for Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services

Gregg Judge by Gregg Judge | 08.17.2015

Gregg Judge is Director of Sales and Operations for the Security Division at Comtronics. There’s no doubt that technology has changed dramatically since I started my career in the security industry. One of the shifts has been from consumers needing just a traditional security system to wanting something more, a Connected Home or Connected Building. […]