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Honeywell Total Connect On the Go Smart Control: New Apps, Beta and More

Mathew Stastny by Mathew Stastny | 06.29.2017

The Honeywell Total Connect team continues to work on the redesign of our iOS App, as well as continuing development for our Android beta app and HTML5 beta website. With the open beta program, we have released features over time and listened to the feedback from our early adopters to provide even more benefits. We’re […]

Safety in Numbers? Not So, Survey Says

Rob Puric by Rob Puric | 11.09.2015

Do we truly understand why people don’t feel safe in their homes? That’s the question I asked myself last month when Honeywell released survey results regarding the use of connected-home technologies, and consumer attitudes about those technologies. The results indicate more than two-thirds of Americans don’t feel totally safe in their own homes. That starts […]

Enhancing the User Experience with Honeywell Total Connect

Alice DeBiasio by Alice DeBiasio | 07.16.2015

In today’s society, people are busier than ever. And to help them manage their day, they often turn to their mobile phones. Did you know that nearly two-thirds (64%) of U.S. adults own a smartphone, which is up from 35% just four years ago? As general manager for Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services, my primary […]

Guest Post: Incorporating Honeywell Total Connect on Every Sale

Joshua Unseth by Joshua Unseth | 05.06.2015

Joshua Unseth is co-founder of Alarm Grid. Adding connectivity to a customer’s home for a few extra bucks is one of the simplest sales we make at Alarm Grid. We add on Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services each day and making these sales is easy since it has become part of our company’s culture. If you’re […]

New Consumer Video for LYNX Touch and Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services

Ralph Maniscalco by Ralph Maniscalco | 03.16.2015

Perhaps it’s just me, but I am so happy that spring is here. Here in the northeast, we’ve had below average temperatures and lots of snow all winter long. With the turn in the weather, consumers like you and me are getting back to our normal lives again.  That involves going out more often, visiting friends, remodeling, […]