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Fire Protection Systems Don’t Need to Be at Odds with Modern Design

Brian Carlson by Brian Carlson | 04.19.2018

Form follows function.  It’s principle we’ve all heard before, with origins in the 20th century modernist architecture movement. We can probably all agree that one of the litmus tests of good design is that it functions as intended.  But what happens when that design is…well…downright unattractive? It’s a problem that fire protection engineers are often […]

Six Reasons to Take a Fresh Look at Honeywell Fire Protection Systems

Jacqi Levy by Jacqi Levy | 06.05.2017

At Honeywell, our focus on fire protection systems is one of the many important ways that we work to keep people safe every day. So, it’s important to us that we’re constantly innovating to provide consumers with the latest technology. In the early part of this year, we’ve been busy updating our fire protection portfolio. […]