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Stay in the Driver’s Seat with Our New Fleet Management Features

Michelle Nettuno by Michelle Nettuno | 06.21.2017

The ability to track assets and make immediate decisions based on sound data is critical to the success of any company that relies on fleet vehicles as part of their daily operations.  If you or your customers require real-time data and would like to stay more connected to your drivers and assets, look no further […]

Guest Post: Keep Tabs Using Tracking Services

Jerrod Smith by Jerrod Smith | 04.27.2015

Jerrod Smith is owner and founder of Fortress Security. Just last fall, Honeywell Total Connect Tracking Services was introduced, giving dealers like us the ability to help customers monitor vehicles and high-value property. Since then, we’ve been performing five to ten installations of the tracking system each month. What we’ve found is that the variety […]