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LTE Cellular Service and the Evolution of Home Security

Dean Mason by Dean Mason | 03.02.2018

Anyone with a mobile phone has probably heard the term LTE at some point or another.  But what exactly is LTE, and what do security professionals need to know about it? As more and more people consume digital content on the go, cellular providers have had to answer with new technology.   LTE is the cellular […]

Reach More Customers with Honeywell’s First CDMA Radio for LYNX Plus

Ralph Maniscalco by Ralph Maniscalco | 04.21.2016

Mobile communications technology continues to evolve and improve. We’re using more and more data on our mobile devices and that’s not going to change. Service providers are well aware of this trend and have ongoing initiatives to build out and improve their networks. And just like your old obsolete flip phone, older networks like 2G […]

Selling Tools for Today’s Dealer

Natasha Ramjit by Natasha Ramjit | 11.29.2011

Imagine sitting at the kitchen table with a potential customer trying to figure out exactly which security system is ideal for their needs.  You anticipate that you may have to show them a few different options so you take along your product demo cases, search the home for a power outlet and hope all goes […]