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1…2…3…4 Sales Support Tools

Jason Lutz by Jason Lutz | 08.28.2013

When I am visiting with dealers about sales support materials, some are overwhelmed with the variety of tools that are available. When confronted with this issue, I’ve learned that it’s not necessarily that we have too many tools, but that it could be difficult to figure out how best to use what’s available. Here’s a […]

Upgrade, Add Value =Grow Your Business

Ralph Maniscalco by Ralph Maniscalco | 08.20.2013

What’s in a title? Is it catchy, does it grab your attention? Perhaps not always, but in this case I want you to carefully read it because it could mean the difference between staying viable, fading into the background or worse! By last count there are several million existing VISTA systems doing their thing, protecting […]

Guest Post: 3 Mistakes that Undermine Business Potential

Bob Harris by Bob Harris | 08.14.2013

Bob Harris is a published author, speaker, business presenter and well respected security industry consultant. As good as we are at what we do, the question of are we capable of more is always there. As I travel around the country working with security and integration owners and employees, I observe many common challenges regardless […]

3 Sales Tips for Overcoming Objections

Jason Lutz by Jason Lutz | 10.15.2012

In my last blog post, I discussed my favorite leading questions for proposing a Connected Home or Connected Business solution. Even the most seasoned sales professional will be presented with some obstacles when discussing a proposal with a prospect. As promised, here are some solutions that you can present that will address some of the […]

7 Questions to Help Sell the Connected Home

Jason Lutz by Jason Lutz | 09.25.2012

It was less than 15 years ago that most of us thought the next big ideas for protecting end users was to increase the pet immunity in PIRs and develop a way to store more video footage on a 24 hour time lapse VCR tape. Today, home and business owners are savvy about the technology […]