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How Commercial Security Is Evolving in the Face of Smart Buildings

Jacqi Levy by Jacqi Levy | 11.09.2017

Today’s buildings are more than just structures.  They contain complex systems and technology.  The rise of smart devices is changing the way we inhabit buildings, and consequently, how we think about securing them. Always On Awareness As building systems become internet-connected, we have developed an even greater level of awareness of what is going on […]

NERC-CIP-014-1 Keeping You Up at Night?

Chris Koetsier by Chris Koetsier | 08.19.2015

A recent neighborhood power outage reminded me of how dependent we are on our electricity grid. We are so accustomed to a reliable and continuous supply of electricity that we find ourselves flipping the light switch or trying to turn on the TV even during the occasional outage. Our dependence and reliance has become so […]