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It’s All in the Family: Introducing the IPCAM-WIC2

Durga Srinivasan by Durga Srinivasan | 02.01.2018

If you have your indoor security camera perched loosely on a shelf, you’ve probably experienced a camera fail at one time or another.  An accidental bump from your cat, a slight shift while you’re dusting, and suddenly your camera is no longer pointed at the part of the room you want to monitor.  Of course, […]

Guest Post: Register Now for the Honeywell and I-View Now Webinar

Larry Folsom by Larry Folsom | 11.06.2014

Larry Co-Founded I-View Now and is the President and CEO. Video verification is an opportunity for your alarm company to add RMR to surveillance installations. Video verification means no more guessing about what caused the “alarm on zone 4”.  No end user remembers what zone 4 is; now when the alarm goes off the operator and […]